Are you in control of your keys?

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The KeyWatcher is an electronic key management system that can securely house your important sets of keys and can restrict access to specified keys to specific contractor, visitors and/or employees for a pre-selected time period.

Users of the system would identify themselves to the KeyWatcher by using either a four- to six-digit user ID and PIN. Alternatively, the use of a biometric fingerprint reader can replace the need to remember user IDs and PINs. For more permanent and easier access, the use of a card or FOB reader is also available.

Ketwatcher © Australian Security Technology

KeyWatcher © Australian Security Technology

The KeyWatcher provides an audit trail on the movement of all keys and can send alerts via email and/or SMS on overdue keys to both the person responsible and the administrator of the system.

The KeyWatcher easily interacts with your contractor/visitor management system so that when a contractor checks in on-site they may be issued with access to a set of keys which will allow them to carry out their assigned task. The checkout process may be halted if the system detects a set of keys hasn’t been returned to the KeyWatcher, hence restricting contractors, visitors and employees alike from leaving the site with a set of keys.

© Australian Security Technology

© Australian Security Technology

No data or IT infrastructure is required to support the KeyWatcher. You’d simply need to supply a power point (240 volts, general purpose outlet). The KeyWatcher is equipped with a 4G wireless connection and all data is stored on a VPN secured cloud server. The administrator is provided with personalised access via a web service.

Want to know more? Please feel free to contact Australian Security Technology at [email protected].

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