Desso AirMaster carpet range

by FM Media
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Desso has added new carpets to its AirMaster range, which it says is proven to reduce the concentration of fine dust indoors eight times more effectively than hard flooring, and four times better than standard carpet.

AirMaster Elements and AirMaster Blend are aimed at the commercial market, while AirMaster for Home is a consumer product.

The four products in the AirMaster Elements lineup – Atmos, Cosmo, Oxy and Sphere – have non-directional organic patterns available in six neutral colours ranging from warm beige to deep slate.

Atmos is a structured and tactile loop pile carpet tile; Oxy is a textured loop pile which offers a “subtly organic and irregular pattern similar to that of dried clay”; Sphere has a handmade feel inspired by rustic natural materials; and Cosmo (pictured) has an understated linear design with a natural feel.

The second range, AirMaster Blend, is a linear tile that combines lighter shades against a darker backdrop.

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