Dulux makes adding colours to BIM easier

by FM Media
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With Building Information Modelling (BIM) becoming an important aspect of building design and management, Dulux Australia has launched a range of free content and plugins for Revit, the building design software for BIM.

Called Dulux BIM Solutions, the range makes it quick and simple for design professionals to add more than 4600 colours to Revit projects.

“Using Dulux BIM Solutions, colour information is automatically transferred into the material schedule of the desired project, reducing the time needed to manually enter data and increasing colour creativity,” says Dulux Australia general manager – Trade Division, Phil White. “The new Revit plug-in and downloads make colour specification easier, simplify workflow, reduce data entry errors and save time.”

Dulux BIM Solutions currently has three download options according to individual user needs – Dulux Colour Atlas Revit Plug-in, Dulux Colour Group Revit Families and individual Dulux Colour Revit Families.

More information and download: www.dulux.com.au/BIM

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