Facility inspections using mobile devices

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Choosing the right Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) is fundamental in ensuring that you have optimum facility management in place. Facilities may have several common traits but are all unique to some degree, meaning that the facility management system must be both extensive and powerful. Proper maintenance and management of all these various assets and facilities can lead to less downtime, lower energy and upkeep costs and higher efficiency levels. Issues can be detected and identified earlier, leading to faster solutions or mitigating actions to prevent them from reaching the status of problem in the first place. Having a thorough facility management system in place can provide compounding benefits to your business.

Digital inspection checklists are a great way to providing a powerful tool for inspectors while receiving accurate up-to-date information about assets and facilities. The introduction of mobile devices into the inspection field has brought new metrics, improved inspection time and fewer incidents. Paperless inspections take full advantage of iOS and Android devices, smartphones or tablets, with all their major features being implemented into the inspection process. The camera can be used for taking pictures of facilities, or to scan barcodes of assets. The touchscreen can be used for annotating images or faster input of information. The device will provide automatic triggers based on input and match all inspections with a handy GPS timestamp. Inspectors can even make use of speech-to-text services for making notes during an inspection.

ipad with ISO 45001

There really are numerous ways in which mobile devices can assist inspections. The benefit of going paperless doesn’t stop there, however; all data being recorded and sent to the back-end private server or on a cloud based hosted system (SaaS). Any results or inspection material can be given to management, industry personnel or the inspectors themselves for referential use. The circle of paperless facility inspection benefits all within the organisation.

Why choose to go digital? A solid CMMS system for facility management can provide higher company efficiency through reduced labour and machine downtime, reduced issues and incidents, and can keep everything within industry or organisational compliance. Increase your facility management arsenal by opting for digital facility inspections within your business.

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