New mobile solution boosts Millennials’ performance at work

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Supply chain software developer Manhattan Associates has released ‘Performance at work’, a new solution for enhancing employee engagement, which results in productivity gains, lower attrition rates and therefore greater customer satisfaction. The solution drives improved employee satisfaction by aligning individual employee activities with established organisational goals and metrics, providing employees and managers frequent feedback on their performance via their mobile devices.

According to several Gallop Research polls, the majority of workers across the globe are simply not engaged at work. Gallop’s 2017 survey of American workers reveals that 70 percent of US employees are not engaged, while its global report from a few years prior indicates that 76 percent of workers in Australia and New Zealand are not engaged. And the challenge is even more acute with the rapidly growing millennial workforce. The research firm reports that millennials change jobs at three times the rate of other generations.

Gallup’s most recent report reveals potential solutions to the millennial engagement challenge. Millennial workers require more frequent and consistent performance feedback. They also prefer to connect and interact with the world through their own mobile devices.

The new ‘Performance at work’ solution enhances communications with a modern and connected workforce. It leverages the latest mobile technologies to provide millennial workers with the frequent performance feedback they require. The solution combines a challenge-based approach to learning with continual performance data on mobile devices. ‘Performance at work’ is designed to boost employee engagement and encourage the development of highly positive relationships between warehouse employees and their supervisors.

“Productivity improvements often focus on high-performing execution applications, like warehouse and labour management, yet support for the human element of the equation has largely been overlooked,” says Peter Schnorbach, senior director, Product Strategy, Manhattan Associates. “Companies will have to shift this focus as more millennials, and their need for frequent feedback, enter the workforce. ‘Performance at work’ is designed to engage this modern, more connected worker through their preferred medium – the smartphone.”

Manhattan Associates has introduced the following ‘Performance at work’ solutions:

  • The new Employee Engagement mobile application delivers a weekly performance scorecard directly to employees’ smartphones. The software leverages gamification concepts to engage, motivate and incentivise success. It provides regular feedback on how each employee impacts company success and how their work ranks against that of their colleagues.
  • Manhattan recently embedded Labour Management (LM) functionality within the traditional Warehouse Management System (WMS) to deliver immediate labour reporting and improved visibility into employee productivity. By integrating the typically separate components of LM and WMS, Manhattan’s ‘Performance at work’ also reduces deployment time and drives immediate ROI.

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