New app unveils office lighting costs

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A new app that reveals the potential cost of running the lighting in an office in advance of signing a lease has been released.

A new app that allows the potential cost of running the lighting in an office to be easily understood in advance of signing a lease will change the way tenants can evaluate office premises, WT Sustainability believes.
The new LEASA App and associated guide help commercial office tenants to rate and choose the most appropriate office space for their needs with full knowledge of the potential cost of lighting by helping them to determine which office tenancies are more energy efficient.
Developed for Apple and Android devices, as well as for use with desktop browsers, the app was produced by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) with grant funding from the Federal Department of Resources Energy and Tourism, under the Energy Efficiency Information Grants Program. It is expected that the first users will be tenant advisers, tenants, and agents and managers.
“It draws on the lighting information in the Building Energy Efficiency Certification (BEEC) and builds a more transparent view for the tenant of what the energy consumption in that space might be,” Nick Hudson, the business development manager of RICS, notes.
Steve Hennessy from WT Sustainability, one of the contributors to the project, comments: “RICS is giving tenants tools that allow them to make a better more informed choice. For instance many tenants don’t know the true cost of powering the office lighting. The LEASA App has a simple but powerful calculator that will enable tenants to easily compare the costs of different tenancies, which in turn gives them negotiating power.
“There can be a significant difference in the power consumed by lighting systems, with the less efficient ones costing tenants up to three to four times as much to run as the more efficient and usually with no additional benefits. This was recognised by the Federal Government when they were developing the Commercial Buildings Disclosure legislation and the LEASA App makes accessing information a breeze.
“The app and guide have the potential to save tenants a huge amount of money, in some cases tens of thousands of dollars over the life of their lease.”
The app is available to download via the Google Play store and iTunes for free.

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