New lab space offering to provide flexible work environment

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Listed property group BlackWall Property Funds Limited’s short-term accommodation business, WOTSO WorkSpace has launched a new venture with G3lab offering cutting-edge research laboratory space for lease on short and long-term arrangements. The project is being undertaken in collaboration between WOTSO, G3lab and German lab equipment manufacturer, Waldner Laboratory Systems and the WOTSO LabSpace pilot is being developed at WOTSO’s Pyrmont operation.

The Waldner Laboratory System can be reconfigured to suit specific needs. Their flexibility makes them ideal for a multi functional research facility. “Like everyone else, the scientific community are wanting a more flexible work environment which fits changing requirements. The aim is to use the Waldner system to provide flexible lab space that can be quickly configured for any research projects,” said Russell Urquhart, Managing Director, of G3lab.

“With WOTSO we can provide a full service offer including lab space, open plan or private work and write-up space with high speed internet, secretarial and concierge support “as needed”. This latest addition marks a period of growth for WOTSO, which continues to develop innovative spaces across Sydney’s CBD fringe, North Shore and Inner West, as well as Canberra and the Gold Coast.



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