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Dulux Fast Finish

A new range of water-based enamels, ceiling paints and prepcoats delivers finished results via spray application much faster than was previously possible.

The Fast Finish range from Dulux has been designed to reduce labour time and costs in trade painting.

Dulux Trade senior brand manager, Anthony Voyage, says the Fast Finish range will assist professional painters with significant productivity gains allowing for improved project planning.

“The products in the range have unique technical identities, enabling trade painters to deliver a high quality job in a fraction of the time. It’s a tremendous innovation for our company.”

Dulux product testing showed spray application of Fast Finish was two times faster when compared to product being applied by a roller. All the Fast Finish products are optimised for spray application. The range includes:

  • Dulux Professional Fast Finish Level 5 Prep Coat – a premium acrylic prep coat with exceptionally high opacity. It is easy to sand, will assist in achieving a level 5 finish and is suitable for interior plasterboard or timbers.
  • Dulux Professional Fast Finish Dry Fall Ceiling Black and White – a flat premium acrylic ceiling paint. Formulated with dryfall properties, the overspray dries to dust allowing for easy clean up. It is suitable for interior ceilings and overhead surfaces.
  • Dulux Professional Fast Finish Water-Based Enamel Gloss and Semi Gloss – premium water-based enamels suitable for use on interior and exterior doors, window frames and trims.

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