Queensland shopping centre employs predictive energy optimisation with advanced metering

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BuildingIQ, a leading energy management software company, and SkyFoundry, owner of SkySpark analytics software, have integrated their technologies to identify and create energy savings for the Mount Pleasant Shopping Centre in Queensland.

BuildingIQ’s predictive energy optimisation software, which leverages variables such as occupant comfort, utility signals, weather forecasts and building characteristics, can now tap into SkySpark’s real-time metering data. The additional source of data allows BuildingIQ’s software to create a more advanced thermal model of the shopping centre and make automatic adjustments in order to maximise energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

The use of BuildingIQ’s technology has allowed CFS Retail Property Trust Group (CFX), which manages Mount Pleasant Shopping Centre, to optimise the performance of its asset and create a continuous, long-term return on a sustainable investment. The decision to incorporate BuildingIQ’s software came with little risk. It is used on a subscription basis, requiring no upfront capital.

Seamless integration

“BuildingIQ and SkyFoundry’s software combined to seamlessly integrate into our property’s existing building management system. The new automated approach needs minimal input from the facility’s staff, freeing them up to handle other labour intensive tasks,” says Scott Horsnell of CFX. “We are pleased with the energy efficiency and savings we’ve achieved working with these two innovative technologies.”

“BuildingIQ’s solution is like an energy-efficient cruise control for buildings,” says Michael Nark, president and CEO of BuildingIQ. “Through continuous modelling and analysis of the data that is collected from SkySpark, the system is able to make real-time adjustments to Mount Pleasant Shopping Centre’s heating and cooling operations that create verified energy savings. The simple installation process and ability to utilise existing infrastructure makes it a great solution for retail, office and really any type of space.”

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