Schenker Australia’s collaboration with Konica Minolta results in operational efficiency

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DB Schenker is one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics services, offering a range of international air and sea freight, as well as logistics solutions and global supply chain management from a single source.

With enormous amounts of daily logistics documentation, the challenge for Schenker Australia was to find a cost effective solution to streamline its business processes globally. Moreover, the company aimed to reduce costs and security and increase environmental efficiency. The company partnered with Konica Minolta as part of a global initiative to reduce costs and streamline business processes, a relationship that began in 2009.

The initial stage of the global project involved 13 Australian sites and the consolidation of 311 machines from several suppliers down to 127 Konica Minolta devices. This included a mixture of networked MFPs for office operations and local printers for warehouses, which consisted of the bizhub 40P, 283, 421, 751, C360 and bizhub PRO 950.

Schenker Australia adopted an integrated software solution, which comprised of Konica Minolta’s Optimised Print Services (OPS) and OPS Advanced Monitoring. It works to increase workplace efficiency and improve business processes by streamlining the support and management of its print environment with remote monitoring and proactive maintenance.

Schenker Australia now has access to a dedicated helpdesk service and priority helpdesk phone numbers and provides automated toner ordering, addressing one of their key system challenges.

Konica’s solution also incorporated third party software to address the transition from pre-printed stationery to a plain paper operation. With a proven ability to cut printing costs by an average 30 percent, the pull-printing solution allows Schenker to print documents from any location at any time.

Since the installation in 2011, Schenker Australia has seen enormous benefits in cost reduction, greater work efficiency, better sustainability and increased security.

Schenker Australia has seen a 20-30 percent reduction in the total cost of ownership and a 59 percent reduction in the printer fleet. Moreover, the elimination of 184 devices has saved the business an estimated $20,000-$30,000 PA in floor space.

Another key outcome Schenker Australia has seen is the increase in its data protection and sustainability efficiencies. Furthermore, updating their printing devices to the latest models with energy-saving features has also reduced power consumption significantly.

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