Port Phillip Prison Adopts QFM Software: Case study

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In a public-private partnership between G4S Correctional Services and the Victorian State Government, Service Works Global’s QFM Software bridged the FM gap.

G4S Correctional Services at Port Phillip Prison is Victoria’s largest maximum-security prison, accommodating up to 1137 male prisoners. The prison has adopted Service Works Global’s QFM software to manage all FM services, ensuring a high standard of care for its prisoners and transparent communication with the State.

The prison has been operated under a public-private partnership (PPP) contract between the State and G4S Correctional Services since 1997. The CMMS system with integrated payment mechanism will allow G4S to manage multiple PPP contract terms.

G4S wanted to use QFM in a unique way and the system was flexible enough to rise to the challenge. In addition to managing the performance of building and maintenance services, monitoring the standard of care towards Port Phillip prisoners is also incorporated into the software.

The relevant prisoner details are imported into QFM from the State’s information management system against which G4S can log and track prisoner behaviour and wellbeing across a number of factors
such as incidences of non-compliance or participation in education.

All stakeholders can securely access the information they require through the software, and as all calculations are performed within the system, complete auditability and transparency can be achieved.

“Working with SWG was easy, the team there was really helpful. As well as customising our reports they also made some changes to the payment mechanism in agreement with the State,” says Jack Stapleton, business performance and projects manager at G4S.

“Some of the benchmarks needed amending and SWG made all the changes for us. We’ve found it a really positive process.”

“The amount of data we get from QFM gives us such insight into all aspects of the prison’s performance. Anything we need to see, for any timeframe is there. It allows us to check we’re on track for that period or if we need to reassess our actions in order to meet the targets at the end of the quarter.”

Data and communications co-ordinator, Lauren Semaan was responsible for training the rest of the team after implementation.

“We were provided with training and user guides from SWG which were easy to understand. I then trained the end users at Port Phillip who took to it straight away – everything takes just a few clicks to achieve.”

G4S plans to implement the QFM mobile app for its own in-house FM team. The company is looking into QFM Dynamic Forms, a series of fully customisable forms and checklists, which can be configured as part of the job workflow to appear as required when using the app.

“QFM plays an integral part in managing our KPIs and SLAs, and retaining consistently high standards at the prison,” says Stapleton.


Image credit: Courtesy of SWG

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