Application enabling unified energy management

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BuildingIQ has added a new application – ManagerIQ – to its suite of software-as-a-service Predictive Energy Optimisation applications. The company states that ManagerIQ provides a unified operations and analytics console for efficient energy management across commercial property portfolios.

ManagerIQ enables the remote configuration, monitoring, and management of the BuildingIQ suite of energy applications for facilities, campus and real estate portfolio owners, as well as BuildingIQ’s partners, who implement and service the BuildingIQ product suite for multiple customers and multiple sites.
ManagerIQ offers enterprise-wide, network operations centre-level monitoring across all BuildingIQ technologies and all building automation system brands, enabling the monitoring and management of building energy and demand response performance on an ongoing, predictive basis. Modules of the software application include:

  • management console – real-time analytics and controls to monitor and manage building energy and demand response performance on an ongoing basis, including consolidating high-level alerts from all BuildingIQ applications
  • configuration – workflow engine and consoles to configure the various BuildingIQ applications for a site; this streamlines and automates the on-boarding and connectivity of newly-licensed buildings
  • administration – create and provide licences, administer users and enable partner independence to develop partner-branded product and service bundles, and
  • helpdesk – receive and log comfort complaints.

According to BuildingIQ, the configuration module workflow streamlines the work of mapping and validating data and control points between building automation systems and BuildingIQ. The company adds that it also streamlines data entry for establishing and maintaining complex utility tariffs and operating schedules which, in turn, inform its optimisation models and algorithms.
“By monitoring multiple sites, campuses and portfolios through a single interface, we enable new customer service delivery models and dramatically improve staff efficiency – avoiding the need to be on-site at a building to connect to each site individually, on-board a new building or understand a building’s status,” says Mike Zimmerman, chief executive officer of BuildingIQ.

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