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Lone Worker Alarm

Lone Worker Alarm is a smartphone app that uses the phone’s accelerometer, GPS (global positioning system) and wireless internet to provide a sophisticated emergency alarm system.

The accelerometer, combined with special algorithms, can detect a fall or collision and can differentiate between the phone simply being dropped, and the individual hitting the ground.

Automatic alert messages from the app are routed to a cloud-based server for action ensuring fast response and massive scalability.

In addition to automatic fall detection, the app features an interval timer or ‘Dead Man Switch’ and a panic button. According to Peter Beadle, founder and CEO of LoneAlarm Pty Ltd, it represents “a user-friendly, cost-effective response to the OH&S [occupational health and safety] requirements that govern mobile workforces today”.

The Lone Worker Alarm app supports iPhone, Android or Windows 8 phones.

LoneAlarm has announced a marketing and distribution partnership to provide the app to Paramedical Services’ Australian logistics/transport customer base to enable superior employee accident/distress response on the road.

“We are excited to integrate LoneAlarm’s smartphone emergency application into our Work Injury Response Service, because our customers always seek ways to improve on-the-job personal safety for their workers — many of whom endure long driving hours providing logistics services across Australia,” says Garry Mikhail, managing director, Paramedical Services.

Undergoing pilot trials now, the enterprise version of the app allows for centralised call centre routing and supervisor notification, and can be deployed from a corporate intranet.

More information: loneworkeralarm.com


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