NABERS Renewable Energy Indicator gets launch date

by Sophie Berrill
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Renewable Energy Indicator

On June 6 2023, the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) will launch a new indicator that provides clear and transparent information about the proportion of renewable energy used in a building. 

NABERS, which is a national initiative managed by the New South Wales Government, announced the launch date of the Renewable Energy Indicator (REI) today following a two-year consultation period. 

“The Renewable Energy Indicator is the result of our ongoing collaboration with industry – industry called for this change, and then worked with NABERS to develop, design and test it,” says NABERS head of market transformation, Monique Alfris.

“Now NABERS will have a transparent reward to encourage all-electric buildings which procure 100 percent renewables.”

What does this mean for you?

NABERS provides a simple rating from one to six stars for a building’s efficiency across energy, water, waste and indoor environment. Valid for 12 months, the NABERS annual rating helps facility managers understand their building’s operational performance in comparison with similar buildings, and also provides a benchmark for progress.

From 6 June, the REI will be a mandatory part of a NABERS energy rating for all building types, meaning energy ratings will also include an REI result.

In a recent preview of the new indicator, Alfris outlined what the REI adds to the existing energy rating.

“To compare to NABERS Energy – NABERS Energy measures the energy efficiency of the building using greenhouse gas emissions factors to provide a comparison between electricity and gas,” she said.

“The REI is going to provide a transparent display of energy purchased by the building and considers electricity and gas equally. It doesn’t use an algorithm to come up with a star rating, it’s just a straight percentage – one number divided by another.

“Only buildings that are all electric and procure 100 percent of their energy from renewable sources are going to be able to score 100 percent on our REI.”

Other changes to the NABERS rating

The launch will coincide with the move of NABERS Energy and Water for offices to ‘NABERS Perform’. 

According to Alfris, this move will “enhance the experience” of the initiative’s assessors and auditors and reduce the time spent undertaking and auditing certifications. 

“These changes have already been applied to our newest sectors and shopping centres, and we are excited to share these with our office rating users,” she says.

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