New study confirms energy sustainability starts at the revolving front door

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Revolving front door Boon Edam

A new study has confirmed that the use of architectural revolving doors at building entrances saves energy immediately, then provides long-term sustainability as a buffer against rapidly rising energy prices in Australia.

The study – using international energy evaluation and sustainability software applied to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane building models – also shows that the payback period for installing a revolving door, instead of a less energy-efficient sliding door, is shrinking rapidly as energy prices here accelerate quickly. 

Melbourne has the quickest payback time of four years, with Brisbane next at 4.9 years and Sydney at 5.7 years because of its lower cost per kilowatt hour (kwh) than the other two states. 

“But energy costs are predicted to rise 20 percent in Sydney and other areas of the East Coast over the year ahead, so the permanent sustainability advantage of revolving doors will become even more pronounced as payback times shrink more,” says Boon Edam Australia managing director Michael Fisher.

He commissioned the local study using the latest energy evaluation software developed jointly by the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands and Royal Boon Edam, which is a world leader in building entrance technology that operates in more than 27 countries, and specialises in energy-conserving revolving doors and complementary security systems.

“For architects and building specifiers seeking to achieve high NABERS and Green Star ratings in buildings, proven improvements to energy efficiency are a major benefit,” he says.

Revolving doors

Alongside being naturally HVAC efficient, by curtailing HVAC losses, Boon Edam revolving doors can also feature air curtain technology to extend sustainability and comfort gains throughout very different weather patterns in Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea.

According to Fisher, the study confirms scientifically what many building designers and managers have known intuitively for years. 

“They understand that one of the most immediate ways to help achieve energy-use reductions is to prevent expensively cooled and heated HVAC air from escaping from the building in the first place,” he says.

“Instead of air expensively rushing in and out of sliding doors, revolving doors have a natural long-term and sustainable advantage through their always open/always shut functionality.” 

This applies in commercial, industrial, corporate, financial, data centre, hotel and hospitality. It also applies in any social infrastructure where stable temperature is important, such as hospitals, healthcare, and educational institutions.

The energy calculation software quantifies the benefits of revolving doors compared to sliding doors when considering energy savings and prevention of draught. 

Facility managers and other building professionals are provided with a format into which to enter specific data for their facility. This is then processed with the new Boon Edam software, which calculates and reports on data including energy savings, payback time and floor area for draughts.

Revolving front door Boon Edam

IMB bank in installed a Boon Edam Crystal Tourniket at its headquarters in Wollongong NSW to provide a welcoming, elegant, and energy-efficient front entrance.

Tossing money out the door – here’s proof

Fisher says the new software provides confirmation for specifiers that revolving doors curtail HVAC losses experienced with sliding doors, which was “effectively throwing money out the door, or off the roof”. 

“Many architects, facility managers, and specifiers have understood from real-world experience that revolving doors save energy, and they can now demonstrate with facts what they have long understood in theory,” he says.

“For building specifiers seeking to achieve green performance ratings, it can no longer be a question of ‘What is the cheapest door up front?’, but rather ‘How can we create a sustainable, secure, and comfortable environment that meets national and global standards of sustainability.”

Try Boon Edam Australia’s Revolving Door Energy-Saving Tool.

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