Woolworths store managers equipped with iPads and a custom app

by FM Media
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Woolworths has equipped its 890 supermarket store managers with iPads with Google Apps for Business as well as a custom-made application.

Woolworths has equipped its 890 supermarket store managers with the mobility iPads provide. “Our managers can now stay abreast of administrative tasks while still maintaining their shop floor presence and focusing on their customers,” Damon Rees, head of run IT at Woolworths, states.
This mobility has been further bolstered with the collaborative power of Google Apps for Business as each Woolworths manager now has a Gmail account. A custom-made application, Tap for Support, which is built on Google App Engine, was also added.
Tap for Support is a one-click app that allows staff to log a support ticket with Woolworths HQ. In an instant, a manager can log a support request, for example to fix a faulty freezer and get back to the multitude of other tasks at hand. Tap for Support not only streamlines administrative functions, it also enables the managers to do it on the move.
“Having Tap for Support running on Google App Engine means we leverage Google’s infrastructure, not just to host and store the app, but to build it as well. This removes many layers of complexity, and the simple licensing on consumption structure means it can scale very quickly when we need it to,” Rees notes.
“It was very important that we picked something that was totally easy to use and most people are familiar with the intuitive nature of Google from their personal lives. As Google is cloud-based and device agnostic, it enables us to work the system across our existing and future IT infrastructure.”

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