Dulux launches updated BIM solutions for Revit

by Editor
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Launched in 2014, the Dulux BIM (Building Information Modelling) solutions provide registered Revit content and plugins, allowing users to add Dulux colours to Revit models quickly and easily at the planning stage. Currently, there are three download options – Dulux Colour Atlas Revit Plug-in, Dulux Colour Group Revit Families and individual Dulux Colour Revit Families.

The recent updates to the solutions are aimed at enhancing its usability and efficiency to further help provide specifiers with an excellent resource for their Revit project requirements.

The updated Atlas plugin provides users with the ability to select externally durable Dulux Powder Coating colour types, as well as specific Dulux Protective Coating metallic and safety colours. It also has enhanced features including the ability to paint Split Faces and the option to use the 4600-plus Dulux colours to paint surfaces in the Family Editor.

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